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Luxury villa in quite paradise.

Palm River Villa, an epitome of serenity and luxury, is nestled in the lush, verdant landscapes of Pererenan in Canggu, Bali. A mere 500 meters from the beach, this exquisite 5-bedroom oasis offers a harmonious blend of Balinese and modern architecture, sprawling over 4500 square meters of tropical gardens. The villa’s unique location combines the tranquility of a quiet side street with convenient access to Canggu’s vibrant restaurants and entertainment hubs. Its elegant L-shaped structure integrates seamlessly with the surrounding waterways and rice fields, creating a tranquil retreat. The constantly flowing river nearby adds a soothing soundtrack to your stay, enhancing the villa’s peaceful ambiance. With its spacious design, stunning outdoor vistas, and proximity to both the beach and local attractions, Palm River Villa stands as a perfect sanctuary for those seeking a luxurious and relaxing getaway in Bali.

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Escape the Bali hustle at Palm River in Pererenan. Rejuvenate in luxury surrounded by serene river whispers. Relax in your own oasis or explore Bali's culinary delights and beaches. Experience paradise with our luxurious amenities. Start your journey now!

Perfect For Friends And Family

Palm River Villa, with its numerous bedrooms and expansive space, is an ideal retreat for friends and family gatherings, offering ample room for comfort and privacy.

Garden & Pool

Palm River Villa also features a large pool, jacuzzi, and beautifully landscaped garden, creating a luxurious and relaxing outdoor space for guests to enjoy.

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Six Fulltime Staff

Two security guards guarantee your safety and comfort. Three housekeepers make sure that the house is in its best condition. One personal concierge is ready to solve any problem.

Kitchen & Dining Room

The Palm River Villa features a large kitchen which is a chefs paradise and a dining room with a table that seats up to 13 people, ideal for large gatherings and entertaining.

Sun Bed Area

The Palm River Villa features an impressive outdoor area, highlighted by luxurious sunbeds that offers a stunning view of a lush jungle or garden. This serene setting is complemented by the presence of a jacuzzi and a pool, creating a perfect spot for relaxation and leisure. The combination of the sunbed with the tranquil backdrop of greenery and the inviting waters of the jacuzzi and pool provides an ideal retreat for guests seeking both relaxation and a connection with nature.

Five Spacious Bedrooms

Palm River Villa is spacious with 5 large bedrooms and corresponding baths, providing ample privacy and comfort for guests.

Art & Photos

The Palm River Villa is adorned with a variety of artifacts, sculptures, and pictures, each contributing to the house's aesthetic and cultural ambiance. These decorative elements, ranging from intricately crafted sculptures to captivating paintings, not only enhance the visual appeal of the space but also reflect a blend of artistic tastes.
Villa and Land for Sale

Villa and Land for Sale

Price: *Request Pricing Below* (including empty lot)

Land Size: Villa is 600 SM (6000 SF) on a large 45 Are (one-acre) manicured garden with a crystal-clear well water pool and jacuzzi

Empty Parcel Size: 22.5 Are

Lease Information:

  • Lease on house parcel expires in 2051
  • Lease on empty parcel (included in price) expires in 2031
  • Options to extend lease for up to 60 years available

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